wpja winning image! 09.20.07

the Q2 2007 wpja international contest results are in and i placed 16th in the engagement portrait category ! this photo is of brooke + chris grimes and their engagement session was truly one of my all-time favorites! it took place at a private airstrip and there were a few small planes on the field at the time of the session. the little red + silver plane in the background was actually involved in the wedding proposal! chris was flying this plane the day of the proposal and brooke was in a glider plane flying along side his plane in the air. when they flew over the airstrip, chris pointed to the ground for brooke to see a big banner asking her to marry him! they are a super cool couple and i had a blast working with them for their engagement session + wedding this past june! a big thanks to brooke + chris and the wpja judges!

here is the winning image screenshot from the wpja website

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