liza + tyler . wedding 05.30.08

a few weeks ago we showed a very stunning liza in her romona keveza gown for her bridal portrait session. well, she totally rocked that gown again when she married tyler on may 10th! they said their vows at peachtree road united methodist church and then headed over to cherokee town club to party with their families, friends and enormous wedding party...they each had 14 attendants! a big thanks to adam for his help with the wedding + awesome images. liza opted to have her bridal luncheon + rehearsal dinner covered so we have a ton of images from the weekend. here are a few from the wedding day that caught our fancy!

the infamous gown
gotta wear manolos with a dress like that! love that they are gold...and love that tyler picked them out for liza!
dutiful bridesmaids wiping away liza's tears
tyler had an appointment to get a professional shave that idea for all you grooms out there!
love this one of liza with her dad and sister waiting to walk into the sanctuary
hey atlanta...we are married!
scott was feeling a "dreamy" shot of them after watching the princess movie "enchanted" with ava the day before!
scott is always confident around other photographers but this competition was making him a little flustered! : )
congratulations liza + tyler!

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shana + evan . engagement session 05.27.08

shana + evan's engagement session was earlier this month and they wanted to have the shoot at the atlanta botanical gardens. it was one of those really beautiful spring mornings so scott said why not and off they all went! shana wowed scott with her vast botanical knowledge. now there's a girl after my own heart. when ava asks me the name of a flower, i always give her the same answer...pretty! what a fun couple and we can't wait for their wedding 7.3.08 in atlanta. here are a few of the images that are really talking to us tonight.
love this reflection image

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tatum + judge . portrait session 05.23.08

there was a boy named chris who married a girl named courtenay and they now live happily ever after with their two totally fantastic kids tatum + judge in chicago. before that it was los angeles. before that it was atlanta. which is how we came to know chris and then courtenay! we were so thrilled to get word that courtenay and the kids were coming to atlanta in may to visit family + friends and wanted a portrait session. scott and i had so much fun catching up with courtenay while chasing the kids around the park in virginia highlands. we missed you chris! here are a few of our favs. tatum + judge, thanks for being as cool as your names!
judge *hearts* bubbles!
slide ride with a little push from mommy

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lucy has an alias 05.22.08

scott was going through some old image files tonight and we ran across this one of our little L from a few months ago. she is growing up so fast and talking more and more each day. she pretty much tries to parrot most words we say with the exception of her own name. so tonight after dinner i was chit chatting with her and tickling her and i asked her who i was and she said "mommy" and then i asked her what her name was and she looked at me with her super serious face and said "ELLLLLLMOOOOOOOO"! maybe she was thinking back to this day when she was decked out in red :)
*may has been so super crazy and we have lots more e-sessions, weddings and other fun stuff to post so stay tuned!*

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