jesse chamberlin: this wedding is beautiful, scott! my favorites are the reflection and the trolley...and the departure! (6.2.08, 1:42pm)

Anne Almasy: This wedding is so exquisitely photographed! BEAUTIFUL work, Scott! (6.1.08, 7:56am)

Natalie: Nice work! Love the tilt shift ceremony shot and the 3 of them waiting to go into the sanctuary ROCKS. Very fresh and inspiring have a new blog stalker : ) (5.31.08, 3:28pm)

Liza: these photos are the greatest gift to us. you did a wonderful job of capturing every moment of this special, magical event - we thank you! (5.31.08, 3:21pm)

Sara: These are fantastic! What a beautiful bride and a happy groom! Love the exit shot (5.31.08, 10:49am)