Natalie: The colors are so vibrant and these are all awesome photos of a cute couple! I love the reflection photo and the one of the them sitting under the circular window is really nice. (5.31.08, 3:41pm)

Roy Eisenstadt: Very well done! Excellent use of color and light. The subjects don't look bad either! (5.30.08, 7:03am)

Shana: I'm so excited to see these beautiful photographs! We had such a great time with you that Sunday, and we're really looking forward to the wedding memories you'll capture. (5.28.08, 6:32pm)

Evan Eisenstadt: Scott, These shots are amazing. I can't wait to see the rest. Thank you so much. (5.28.08, 4:51pm)

Lara @ Southern Wedding Style Magazine : These are beautiful! The purples and greens in the first two shots are magical! (5.28.08, 1:36am)