christi mathews: The two of you are amazing people!!! (5.16.08, 11:14pm)

Kat: I love them!! You guys look great:) (5.15.08, 4:38pm)

Andy: Great pictures, looks like you two were having fun. Thinking about the "Blue Steel" reference ... yep, I've got it, what do I win? (5.15.08, 12:57pm)

lizzyb: the ones of y'all dancing look like they're out of a magazine!! the "blue steel" needs a little looks like "magnum" instead. (5.15.08, 11:26am)

jnizzle: wow, allyson and that guy she's with look great! (5.15.08, 9:17am)

cami: wow, those are great! and such a great couple too. :) (5.15.08, 9:15am)

Allyson: You guys are GOOD- if you can make Pearce and me look so photogenic!! The pictures are beautiful and we had a blast doing it!!! Thank you so much- can't wait to see the rest! A. (5.15.08, 8:21am)