Candy B.: Wow! Beautiful, unique, engaging, exciting, inspiring photos. Thank you for sharing. (11.20.11, 10:08pm)

Ahana Richards: Congratulations Stacie and Matt! I remember the first day you two met. Love to you both and sending you all the best for an amazing future together! Love, Ahana (10.28.11, 9:43am)

tia: Words can not explain how amazing these photos are. Can you get in a time machine and photograph my wedding, please? You guys were so fun to work with and the results are to die for! (10.26.11, 4:32pm)

Amanda Patrice: You guys are ridiculously awesome! I'm kinda mad about it actually :) (10.26.11, 3:44pm)

Amy Arrington: Simply stunning! (10.26.11, 2:43pm)

Stacie J: What a lovely surprise to see these on the blog!! They are as perfect as the day! Our friends and family are blown away... We've received so many great comments already and the day is not done. Thank you Scott, Cristen and Adam. (10.26.11, 2:25pm)

Kailey-Michelle: Gorgeous! Just lovely photos. The color. The light! (10.26.11, 2:23pm)

Eleanor: OMG those are so beautiful how will you ever choose. Those shots out on the course with that georgious sky!!! Hope to see you both again. (10.26.11, 12:58pm)

rychelle: those first three heaven and earth shots are so, so good! (they're all good, but those esp.) (10.26.11, 11:41am)