Luke Stanton: Your photo's continually inspire me. another wonderful set of images! (10.25.11, 6:20am)

Shelli Crouse: The thing I love most about these is that you've successfully captured our playfulness, chemistry and love in each shot here. You've managed to show us in this great, expansive world, and yet it seems like we're the only ones in it... just brilliant! :) (10.20.11, 7:45pm)

Janie Cleghorn: Sean and Shelli, These are the sweetest and greatest pictures! Your love really shines! I have to have one! Love you both, Janie (10.20.11, 1:29am)

Mary Seni: I really like the Kiss on the swing, the 1st reflection shot, and the kiss on the dirt road, but they are all so nice, very romantic. (10.19.11, 9:25pm)

rychelle: ohhhhhhhhhh. i love those reflection shots! (10.19.11, 12:38pm)

Sean: Hey guys... these are great. I'd add an exclamation point if I was surprised, but after seeing all your other amazing work, I was expecting greatness! Okay, there's an exclamation point for ya :) Well done! (10.19.11, 12:29pm)