Ali: I am freaking in love with your work!!!! I just found you and so glad I did! I can hardly breath when I look at it! It's just simply amazing!!! (5.21.11, 7:18pm)

Lori Overson: OMG, the pictures were awesome; not to mention how great you and jason look! What a fabulous treat! Love, Mom (5.18.11, 11:22am)

erin: oh wow! these are so great! all favorites :) I love the corrugated wall with the bridge above and how it looks like a totally different picture! And the crazy creepy nests!!! I love the light in the botanic so so cool. and the one that looks like a spotlight! Thanks for being so awesome <3 (5.18.11, 10:47am)

Meutia: Hey It's beautiful! it's touchy! it's romantic! fantastic, wow! (5.18.11, 10:20am)