Melissa: Hi! Beautiful pictures:) Where were the fireplace / group seated photos taken? (7.3.13, 7:49pm)

Erin: Whoa. This doesn't even look real. Incredible. (6.24.11, 11:04am)

enjoy events co.: Stunning! The light and COLOR from this Amazing! (5.18.11, 12:10pm)

dayana rodriguez: Adam - These are amazing!!! I want to see more...and more...and more. (5.17.11, 10:24pm)

Meutia: This is just dope, Adam. I am in love with these pictures. AND COUPLE. nicely captured! (5.16.11, 5:46am)

jaine {brklynview}: this is one of my favorites, ever! great work adam! (5.14.11, 9:07am)

Carmen Visser: Mind boggling beautiful!!!!!!fantastic!!!! (5.12.11, 3:08pm)

Angie: OMG!!!!! I am seriously in love with your work. IT ROCKS!!!!!! (5.11.11, 7:58am)

Amanda Thaxton: This is stunning. The snow + the perfect wind in her dress is phenomenal! I love this too much! (5.9.11, 9:48pm)

Carol-Ann Goulding: Love these pics of my son and his new wife (my daughter).Can't wait to see more. Hope you guys enjoyed your time in Newfoundland! (5.7.11, 3:58pm)

Judy St. John: Absolutely thrilling to see this beautiful work. (5.6.11, 8:33pm)

jen howell: Gorgeous!!! Love the color! Great emotion. You have a new blog stalker... :) (5.6.11, 4:05pm)

Lori: Great job!! Love ALL the pics!!! It was a fantastic wedding!! Cheers!!! (5.6.11, 3:42pm)

Allison: looks like a fun party though! (5.6.11, 2:37pm)

lesley graham: holy bananas! these are gorgeous!! good job. (5.6.11, 1:59pm)