Cathy: Gorgeous images. Love the shot of the bride and groom in the window with the cake!!! (11.21.10, 12:37pm)

Julia: Where was this wedding held? The ceremony venue looks incredible - no doubt mostly in thanks to the photography. (11.19.10, 2:30pm) stunning images and i love that they were whisked away in a white bug!! (11.17.10, 1:34pm)

Kyndal: Scott, I love them! I was so excited to see how these would turn out, and as expected, I am not disappointed. Not only do you take amazing photos, but it is SO FUN to work with you (and the guys), too. The whole day was a blast. (11.16.10, 12:21pm)

Sarah Hall: Another great wedding!!! (11.15.10, 10:16pm)

Lana: Your work is so inspiring! I'm always excited to see you how you compose a typical background into something extraordinary! (11.13.10, 3:33pm)