Buddy: The pacing of this post, the warmth and texture of the shots mixed with the scale and weather, these became more than photos. Great job. Some of your best work to date. (6.29.10, 9:24am)

Casey@HelloLove: WOW! These are just gorgeous. The landscape shots are truly incredible! (6.28.10, 2:59pm)

megan kat: What a great looking bride and groom! The photos are so beautiful - I am so sorry that I couldn't make in person. I can see that it was a really special night =) Beautiful dress Ashley!!! (6.27.10, 3:04pm)

Wanda Mastin: Fantastic photographs! It was such a stunning venue for a wedding and I'm so sorry I couldn't be there. (6.25.10, 4:05pm)

Maureen Grasso: These photographs are so incredible and capture the essence of the wedding and reception - the photos are fantastic! (6.24.10, 4:24pm)

Fotografia Slubna: Super cool post processing. Love it. (6.24.10, 5:04am)

jillian: just beautiful!!! can't wait to be there in just 17 days!!!! (6.23.10, 9:08pm)

Alicia Robinson: Oh my gosh!! You guys have totally outdone yourselves with this one! I love EVERYTHING about this wedding! Simply breathtaking :-) (6.23.10, 6:25pm)

rychelle: i've always wanted rain on my wedding day! and i hope you're there to capture it. ;) (6.23.10, 5:09pm)

Ashley Olsson: Wow! These are so amazing! I love, love, LOVE every single one of them! Scott & Adam did an INCREDIBLE job--even lying on their backs in the rain to get a shot!-and it was so much fun working with you guys! I can't wait to see the rest. Thank you so much Cristen, Scott & Adam!!! (6.23.10, 2:56pm)

kathleen: really beautiful -- love the shots of the weathervane and pavilion through the rain, and the gorgeous bouquet! (6.23.10, 1:44pm)

Shari Correll: Stunning. That wide angle of the house and sky and vineyard...wow. (6.23.10, 1:34pm)