rychelle: i have to say, vegas is a great idea! ;) red barns and green, flowered fields make for some amazing pictures. (6.2.10, 11:20am)

Natascha: Great pictures. I like your style as well as the pictures. My favorite is the last pictures, great lighting btw. Good job. (6.2.10, 5:31am)

Casey@HelloLove: Gorgeous photos! Love the ones in the field with the flowers. (5.28.10, 3:33pm)

Karen Smith: These pictures are great, imaginative, and creative. You can just feel the good time they are having. Good Job! (5.28.10, 2:08pm)

Paige: I am speechless...they are SO BEAUTIFUL.. Next stop...VEGAS, BABY!!! (5.28.10, 1:51pm)