Viennaspime: I had a good time here but will return to google now. (1.29.11, 12:49pm)

Kayla: I LOVE it! So amazing and great design! (5.26.10, 9:39am)

lauren garber lake: this is so chester! so lovely, so perfect! congrats! (great job mr. rog) (5.25.10, 7:50am)

andrew lee: looks fantastic!!! great job guys. it was well worth the wait. (5.22.10, 8:49am)

lokhman hakim: how's exciting this new look...? i love it..surely everybody love it.. (5.21.10, 7:48pm)

crystal: what an AWESOME site!!!! there is just no limit to yall's fabulousness {yes, i said "yall's + fabulousness, LOL!}! LOVE it!!! :D (5.21.10, 7:16pm)

Jesse: It's so perfect! I know it's a lot of work to make a new site so bravo to you guys for doing it so well! (5.21.10, 5:19pm)

ellie: so very lovely! (5.21.10, 4:50pm)

rychelle: i love the new site! i love the colors. i love the design. i love the font. i love the images. i love love. (5.21.10, 3:27pm)

kate kiefer lee: squeeeeee, it's beautiful! (5.21.10, 1:08pm)

kyle hale: Incredible guys. The design team did a fantastic job! (5.21.10, 12:26pm)

RRF: AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!HOLEE MOLEE WE DID IT!! (5.21.10, 12:20pm)

Lara: Congrats Cristen and Scott! Looks fantastic! (5.21.10, 12:13pm)