letterpress invitations: Wow, these are stunning photos Scott. Gives you a real sense of the joyful atmosphere. I will ad a link from our website to yours! (2.15.10, 5:22pm)

Mimi: Charlotte's French to English translation: "I discovered this blog, and I love it! Very nice photos"....all over the world...it's unanimous! Merci beaucoup, Charlotte!! (1.29.10, 12:57pm)

Charlotte: Je découvre ce blog, et j'aime beaucoup! Très jolies photos :) (1.27.10, 6:09pm)

Joyce Taylor: Award winning photos! (1.26.10, 2:53pm)

amy osaba: absolutely stunning, Lindsey looks like a doll. beautiful.....thanks for capturing such amazing shots. you are truly talented. (1.24.10, 8:26am)

Sue : A gigantic thank you to Scott, Adam & Andy for capturing the joyous spirit of the day!! Being the parents of the Bride it is impossible to "take it all in" at that moment...Thank You for being our story tellers of the day! Rob's fav pic is all the girls with their reflection in the water!! As for me too many to have just one favorite!!!! (1.23.10, 11:10am)

kyle hale: image 0036 is where it's at! Incredible collection (1.23.10, 9:01am)

Lindsay Wing Myers: Scott: WOW! these pictures are stunning! thank you so much for your hard work and being one of the best at your craft! George and I will never be able to convey how much we appreciate your flawless work! XOXO (1.23.10, 5:00am)

kathleen: Lindsay has the most beautiful smile! Talk about a picture-perfect bride... congratulations to the lovely couple! (1.22.10, 10:45pm)

rychelle: the bride looks so aethereal in that shot of her in the mirror. stunning! (1.22.10, 9:20pm)