claire: i just stumbled across your blog; great work! i love the first few foliage shots of this group! (4.2.09, 7:40am)

Mark Brooke: Incredible color! great job, these photos are awesome! (3.31.09, 11:46am)

Ewan - The Last Forty Percent Photography: First time on your blog, will definitely come back. I love your use of lines. (3.26.09, 9:36am)

Courtney: These are amazing!! They look so natural, comfortable, and happy in EVERY SHOT. What great locations, too! (3.24.09, 10:09am)

Natalie: I love all the locations in these photos- great composition and the post processing colors are so vibrant! Another session full of inspiration- thanks! (3.23.09, 8:30pm)

Samantha: WOW! These photos are so fun! (3.23.09, 10:05am)