italy 10.26.07

we just returned home from our 2 week vacation in italy with my family. we had such an amazing time and A + L did so well on the trip. we started off in rome for two days and then we all drove to tuscany and stayed in a villa near siena for a week. while we were staying at the villa, we took day trips to different towns in tuscany. the drives to the towns were beautiful and i could have easily spent every moment of my vacation photographing the italian scenery. after the villa, the four of us drove up to the italian riviera town of portofino which is absolutely beautiful. it is often referred to as the jewel of europe and i can see why it deserves this title. we stayed in portofino for 3 days and then drove back to rome to fly home. here's a few images of our adventures

rome. A getting a ride with uncle roger
rome. A having fun running through the grounds of a random building
rome. A resting by the fountain in st. peter's square
rome. cristen + L
rome. st. peter's square + basilica (rained on and off all day)
volterra. A being silly in the tuscan hill town of volterra
random O on the drive from volterra to san gimignano
florence. A with a sculpture outside of the uffizi museum
the villa we stayed at for a week in montebenichi (very close to siena)
drive to montelcino. random shots along the tuscan hillside drive
drive to montepulciano. the sunflower + hay fields had all been plowed and the countryside looked so surreal
love this series of A! there are no fields like this in atlanta for her to run around in!
i was so inspired by all the trees!
random buildings in montepulciano
portofino. A trying to pick out her favorite boat in the harbor
portofino. sunset over the harbor
portofino. A made sure to enjoy gelato at least once a day-most often twice a day!
portofino. view of the italian riviera from the portofino castle
santa margherita. A + L playing on the beach
we had such a wonderful time!
cristen + scott

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