happy thankful day! 11.26.09

our cup seriously runneth over in the blessings department! to all of our friends out there celebrating thanksgiving, we wish you a very peaceful + happy holiday! we'll be spending thanksgiving with our two greatest blessings and with about 100 other relatives on a 400 acre family farm. there will be lots of laughing + hugging + eating + eating + more eating! also, a big happy birthday to my mom today! [cue for the beatles birthday song just for you mom, haha!]

cristen + scott

ps...totally unrelated but, what are your favorite holiday movies?
scott + i have vowed to watch an insane amount of holiday themed-ish movies [ie, make time to relax!] as many evenings as we can during the holiday season + would love some good recs. please leave us a comment with your favorite titles. we'll randomly select a person to send some movie gift certificates to so please leave an email address!

UPDATE: thanks everyone so much for the movie recs! those are all fantastic holiday movies + are on our list to watch again this year! rychelle is the lucky winner for the movie tickets!

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