kate + andy [wedding] 11.30.09

i could honestly just sum it up and say that kate + andy are the definition of amazingness! but when have i ever just summed anything up? never. so why start now. these two are the absolute real deal, the whole enchilada, the cherry on top...you getting where i'm going with this? you see, kate + andy are not just our clients but also our good friends so the fact that we were able to be a part of their celebration was just really exciting for us! i even got to be a real guest at the wedding while scott + adam were working hard to create the phenomenal images i'm about to share with you. their wedding took place at the museum of contemporary art which is a modern space that was just perfect for them. theirs was also the very first wedding at this venue- they're lucky like that! also on hand was their great friend ryan, known as the dj extraordinaire of beats & bells! his mixes had everyone shakin it down all night long! i have other details to share along the way but i want to dive right on into the photos since we're just so pumped to share them. especially since today is kate's birthday! yep, that's right so be sure to leave her some extra birthday love below : )
kate looked take-your-breath-away stunning!
kate gifted her bridesmaids (+ herself!) these beautiful rings designed from vintage buttons. love them
reading a card from her beloved
the ties were custom made by one of their friends ...who happens to be a girlfriend of one of the groomsmen!
andy is just so dang cool!
loved the birch ring pillow + flower girl petal cone
the screen was their first wedding-y related detail purchase + it is actually an old garage door (on it's side). it was the inspiration for the vision of their wedding. it now lives happily in their newlywed loft nest with them!
kate + andy scoured antique + flea markets to find the old knobs, hooks + locks that were used for the balloon weights.
in case you missed the stop motion sneak peek of the wedding party a bit ago, hop on over here!
andy's favorite drink was on hand...yes, that would be the margarita from taqueria del sol
the vintage photobooth was from their good friends company, majestic photobooth
kate + andy we're so overjoyed about your happy future together! we were so honored to be a part of your wedding celebration! happy birthday again, kate!
cristen + scott

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