jen + gary [e-session with adam] 07.30.09

yippee skippee! we're super happy to give adam some solo coverage on the blog! formal introductions, his own image gallery + tons more in store when our new custom website launches! we've recently added adam as an associate photographer but he is definitely not new to our biz or the wedding photography world. he's been a second photographer for lots of our weddings over the last 5 years + we're thrilled that he is now booking his own w. scott chester photography clients! speaking of which...the awesome jen + gary!!!

when adam + i met them a few months ago to chat about the details of their upcoming wedding we were instantly smitten. they have this really great energy as a couple + are just so dang cool! adam met up with them a few weeks ago for the e-session + they all had a fantastic time. here's just a sampling of the ones we're really digging.
jen + gary thanks for such an awesome e-session! looking forward to your wedding in september!
cristen + adam

gotta see more Engagements, Adam
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