viva las vegas SIGNS!!! 02.26.09

the neon boneyard is about one of the coolest places in vegas, hands down! it's also one of the most secretive places to find and you can only get into tour it by appointment...and the wait list is usually more than 2 weeks out especially when a bunch of photogs are in town! well, our vegas luck was rollin high and we along with jesse + whitney were able to experience the 3 acres of wonderment on our last full day in sin city! there's a side of me that loves vintage, kitschy stuff and all these retro signs were so amazing to see, some of which are very famous and used in movies! rumor has it that they are going to be changing up the layout of the boneyard soon and our tour guide told us that we were all really lucky to get to see it in its original state when you can get up close to the signs and actual touch them. the new museum will have paved walkways with all the signs roped off and the tours will be self guided. the signs will all also be propped upright and will be lit up if possible. there was something so nostalgic seeing it in this rudimentary form and the inner artists in scott + jesse were so happy as they snapped away! here's just a few of the images that scott took....if your headed to vegas anytime soon, i highly suggest adding this to your list of things to do while you can still catch the boneyard like this!
these stars are from the famous 'stardust' hotel that opened in vegas in 1958 and closed in 2006
this crowned king was really famous but i did not hear why! something about shipping his head all over the world to be used in movies so on days when it's really windy his head sways around during the tours!
i loved this slipper! girls love shoes of all kinds!

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