shana + evan . wedding 07.24.08

sparks went off a day early when shana + evan got married on july 3rd at the westin buckhead! they had an orthodox jewish ceremony and i just love the rich traditions and customs that are part of these celebrations. first off, the bride + groom are in separate rooms before the ceremony and are likened to being a queen + king for the day as they receive guests. in the grooms room, the ketubah is signed and then the groom is led to the room of his bride to lift her veil and make sure that she is his chosen bride. this is a really emotional moment and this custom dates back to the time of jacob when he was tricked into marrying the wrong bride because he could not look under her veil before the ceremony. fortunately, evan did not have this problem! then the ceremony takes place under the chuppah canopy which symbolizes the home that the bride + groom will share which will be full of hospitality...which is sure to be the case with this very gracious + super fun couple! didn't know you would get a mini history lesson on this blog, now did you? well, let's just suffice it to say that scott had a really great time with shana + evan and all their guests! here's our favorites from their amazing wedding...

shana getting all veiled up
she wore a super, super long veil!
i just love that a ton of our bride's are choosing peonies for their of my flower favs!
shana looked simply stunning..she had such a classic beauty about her!
evan leading the guys
signing the ketubah
shana taking a quiet moment before evan is led into her room to lift her veil
i love evan's emotion in this image as he's tilting his head to see shana for the first time
story board of the ceremony details...
one of our favorites of the day!
it's hora time!
shana's dad and grandfather serenading the couple during the reception
love how the chuppah housed the cake for the reception, especially since it symbolizes hospitality!
shana + evan, what a beautiful wedding! we have loved working with you both and scott had a fantastic time at your wedding! mazel tov!

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