birthday cupcake = happy girl! 09.04.08

we had a family-only shindig for L's birthday this weekend and without a doubt her favorite part of the day was when she got to dig into her birthday cupcake!!! A helped her pick out the perfect cupcake from belly general store for the royal occasion of her sister's 2nd birthday and since she was helping it had to be pink with lots of sparkly sugar sprinkles on top! if you have not been to belly yet for a yummy cupcake, sandwich or bagel you have to try them out! we have been addicted to their olive oil bagels and empanadas for years. as a matter of fact, when i was pregnant with L, i would have intense cravings for a sesame or rosemary bagel with belly made hummus and cucumbers + some fresh squeezed OJ just about everyday. so it only seems like a natural progression that L's birthday would be linked to belly general store somehow : )

L loved the happy-birthday-to-you song so much that we had to sing it several times and she insisted that we relight the candle each time as well! handmade crown courtesy of big sister ava + a friend!
face first of course!
pure sugar induced bliss!!!
happy birthday to our sweet little L! please stop growing up so fast and please always remember that you are never too old to eat cupcakes!

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