kissed by weddings unveiled!!! 02.14.09

completely unveiled which is the eye candy filled daily blog of the ultra stylish wedding magazine weddings unveiled featured three of our favorite kisses from 2008! please check out their valentine's kiss post here...all the images are in alphabetical order so we're close to the bottom for their top 20 and for the second bunch of images. here are the 3 images we sent them as well!

happy valentine's day! i bet this makes you want to go kiss someone you love now! a heartfelt thanks to all of our couples that inspire us everyday with their love and happiness and to weddings unveiled!

our two true loves 02.10.09

it's been a bit since we posted any of our girls...also known as the coolest, sweetest, cutest, silliest and loveliest daughters on the planet that completely fill our hearts with wonderment and the truest love possible!!!

here's a few scott took the other day with the new canon 1ds mark III...

ava loves to build, create, construct + jenga is her newest BFF!

i really *heart* this series!
this is the face that makes us completely cave with ANYTHING she wants!
more of these two to come soon...we promise!

gotta see more Personal

longing for spring [2.8 @ infinity] 02.04.09

today was so flippin' cold outside... it was a mere 16 degrees when scott took ava to kindergarten this morning...brrrrr!!! so as i headed out of the house for morning client meetings + my yoga class [that's heated, thank goodness] i started longing for spring weather. one thing led to another + i found myself asking scott if he was going to continue a personal photography project that he started working on in the spring time about 6 years ago + continued to add to the collection each spring (well, most of them) as the crazy busy spring wedding schedule allowed. the series is called 2.8 @ infinity and has grown to about 80 images. for this project, scott shot all of these images with his vintage medium format hasselblad camera (used to be his pro photog dad's camera) using expired chrome film resulting in a very cool color shift. they are all shot at 2.8 with the focus set to infinity...hence the collection title. he also experimented with various textures, including colored glass, between the lens + the flowers for some of the images. scott has a fine art photography degree background as well as commercial experience so he loves to always have a few personal photo projects looming in the background at any given moment. so back to the original question, scott's answer is that he has officially decided that this project is complete and he's excited to jump into a few new projects buzzing around in his head next! i thought i would share a few of our personal faves from the 2.8 @ infinity collection. these are all straight out of the photoshop here folks. the collection is hosted by soho myriad. here's to knowing that spring is coming soon!!!

gotta see more Personal
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