the chamberlins 12.04.08

several months back jesse + whitney shot our family session so it was time for us to turn the camera on them a few weeks ago. introducing the chamberlins!
one. two. three. you know the rest. SWING!!!
tickle time!
love this one!
jesse + whitney + gracyn thanks for a great session!

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happy birthday sullivan! 07.04.08

i love sullivan! today she is 6 years old. that is so cool that she shares her birthday with lady america! she is one of my best friends and she lives down the street. she has a sister, marin, and i like playing with her, too! their parents, ms. amber + mr. greg are so cool...and they give me chewing gum whenever i come over! so my dad shot a few quick photos of sulli + marin a couple weeks ago and i thought it would be really fun to surprise them with a few of my favorites!


first up, the birthday girl!
and marin...i even named one of my dolls after her!
sulli showed me the ropes about being a sweet big sister!
when we pass by their house these are the windows that i glance at to see if they are home!
we all love reading books together and sullivan's birthday party is going to be at a really cool children's book store. marin is such a great storyteller and she makes us laugh!
happy birthday sullivan! we love you (and marin)!

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tatum + judge . portrait session 05.23.08

there was a boy named chris who married a girl named courtenay and they now live happily ever after with their two totally fantastic kids tatum + judge in chicago. before that it was los angeles. before that it was atlanta. which is how we came to know chris and then courtenay! we were so thrilled to get word that courtenay and the kids were coming to atlanta in may to visit family + friends and wanted a portrait session. scott and i had so much fun catching up with courtenay while chasing the kids around the park in virginia highlands. we missed you chris! here are a few of our favs. tatum + judge, thanks for being as cool as your names!
judge *hearts* bubbles!
slide ride with a little push from mommy

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liza . bridal portrait session 05.10.08

mum has been the word on this bridal portrait session that scott did a few months back for liza. i have been waiting anxiously until after her wedding passed to post any images just in case tyler decided to get sneaky and take a look at his lovely bride in her full regalia before the big day! well, liza + tyler were married today (a wedding post will be following soon) and now i can finally show a few of our favorites. scott had such a fantastic time working with her for the bridal session.

ladies, check out this dress! liza looked absolutely S T U N N I N G + R A D I A N T in her couture romona keveza wedding gown! stayed tuned for photos of the happily married couple.

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