Liza Smith: Wow. Huge Congratulations on such an exciting achievement. You deserve it! I am glad the world gets to see your work - it is truly special and those of us who have worked with you are LUCKY! (6.23.08, 8:00pm)

Joan Wittman: I am so proud of you Scott, so very proud! May God continue to bless you. How I know Max is looking down on you...Joan (6.22.08, 3:53pm)

Mom : Scott, as your mom, I am so proud of you and Cristen. You get first place in being the wonderful person you are! I have always believed you could be as good as your dad and now your achievements have made that true. May God continue to bless you and Cristen. (6.20.08, 1:26pm)

Betty Sperring: Wow Scott, what amazing news. Congratulations. Now the world knows what a talent you are. (6.20.08, 11:45am)

Nathan: What an incredible honor Scott! The pictures that you won with were amazing, as is all of your work that I've seen. Congratulations! (6.19.08, 9:49am)

Natalie: Congratulations on totally rocking this contest! Your work is so fantastic and it is so cool to see you get the worldwide recognition that you so deserve! (6.18.08, 8:15pm)

kristin: wow! how wonderful! congratulations, scott! this makes me even more excited for my wedding and engagement photos to see how you capture my special day. can't wait! (6.17.08, 8:50pm)

Emily: Scott-- what an award! and what pictures! Congratulations on everything! (6.15.08, 11:44am)

Buddy: There's some saying about painting perfect by being perfect and then just painting naturally. Thats you, Buddy. That's how you work. These pics are just a couple chances for us to see things how you see them all the time. You're what they call, "the real deal." You're as genuine and honest as I know and the best part is, while this award doesn't surprise any of us, you never saw it coming. You never will. You're just that kind of guy and your photos are the last thing on the really long list of things that make you better than all of us (6.13.08, 9:00am)

anna: you should be so lucky to have your wedding photographed by Mr. Chester. Not only does he have the eye of a wedding photographer but he has the talent; the beauty of light, form and composition, as well as the vision and creativity of an artist. (6.12.08, 1:27pm)

jesse chamberlin: i second that- hip hip hooray!!!!! all of these images are totally awesome! congrats, you guys! (6.12.08, 1:05pm)

Dave: Scott, congratulaions on a great award. You are truely amazing with your camera. So very proud of you and your work! (6.12.08, 11:06am)

ashley: Congrats Scott! You deserve it!!! (6.12.08, 9:41am)

julie & patrick: Congratulations Scott! You are the best and deserve the best! Thank you for using some of our pictures! (6.12.08, 9:00am)

Mimi: Scott, WOWSER! Your talent is only surpassed by your big loving heart! We are so very proud of you, you've worked hard, love your work...and it's 'the icing on the proverbial wedding cake' to be recognized by such a prestigious society as the AGWPJA! Now, when are you coming over for a photoshoot of Noel the Wonder Dog and the new baby chickens? Animal photography...hmmm, now there's an idea! Love you all! Mimi (6.12.08, 8:20am)

amber: We have been amazed at your talents for years so this is no surprise to us. You capture magic. Congratulations to you, Scott. The honor is well-deserved. (6.12.08, 8:15am)

Anne Almasy: WOWSERS!!!! Great great great great GREAT JOB!!!!!!! You deserve it! :D (6.12.08, 7:32am)