Emmie: Absolutely too cute! The dogwood picture is delightful! (4.19.08, 10:37pm)

Dad Manwaring: Just saw the slide show -these are just absolutely wonderful - so many beautiful shots! More than that, I think they capture your spirits and your love for one another. I am so excited and pleased for y'all. (4.17.08, 2:43pm)

Lindsay: These are beautiful!! (4.16.08, 5:01pm)

Loria: LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!! (4.16.08, 8:42am)

Lee and Lionel: Beautiful! We love them! (4.16.08, 8:35am)

Alyssa: Those are GREAT!! Ya'll are so cute together! (4.14.08, 10:35am)

jesse chamberlin: i love the one with the floor of pink petels! oh- atlanta in the spring! (4.13.08, 11:00am)

elise: These are amazing photos! I love the dogwood tree shots. (4.11.08, 6:56pm)

Mom: Wow!! You guys look great- I'm so glad the weather held for your shoot. The pictures are so lovely, I especially like the one with the purple blossoms. We are excited for you both and I can't wait to see you at the engagement party. (4.11.08, 10:30am)