amber: scott, these are so so so incredible, magical really. I've said it before; you are such a talent. (4.18.08, 9:14pm)

Mom: Scotty, your dad is looking down from Heaven and saying WONDERFUL! WONDERFUL! WONDERFUL!!!!! (4.9.08, 7:32pm)

sharlene: Hi Scott, my grandson Caleb and I have been looking through your site. He is 17, jsut saved up his own money to get a camera with changeable lens....does it sound familiar to you!! Your site is beautiful but then you have those delightful little models. (4.2.08, 9:31pm)

adam komich: That image of lucy is the best I've ever seen from you. Amazing! (4.2.08, 2:38pm)

Marilyn Jones: What joyful photos to treasure forever. Thanks for sharing the magic of that evening on the beach! (4.1.08, 2:10pm)

sara: Absolutely beautiful imagery! your girls are so cute! (3.30.08, 9:21pm)

cristen the blogger: thanks aunt phyllis + jesse for the kind words! you really made us smile. (3.30.08, 11:53am)

jesse Chamberlin: WOW! These are really incredible. i mean REALLY incredible! my favorite is the one of lucy...and i really like the last one of ava.... (3.28.08, 12:18pm)

A.Phyllis: OK, not only are these great Scott but I think you've been sent here as an angle of photography. These are wonderful. Thanks again for your gift. (3.28.08, 8:34am)