cristen the blogger: thanks everyone for the comments! margaret + brad, scott had a fantastic time with you both for the e-session. thanks for visiting with us. (3.30.08, 11:57am)

Brad and Margaret: We were so excited to work with you for our engagement photos. We ended up having a great time taking the pictures and also getting to see your family. The pictures came out great and it has been so exciting to share them with friends and family. Thanks Scott and Cristen for a great job. (3.30.08, 11:17am)

jesse Chamberlin: Yes! the train and the grain are great!!! love um' (3.28.08, 12:20pm)

P Phyllis: As usual, a great job, beautiful. I just wish we could see all of them, especially of the ones we know and love. Scott, you have been blessed with the knowledge of you dad and his love for photography. (3.26.08, 8:33am)