Olivia: I just have to comment again!!!! AH, can not get enough of these perfect photos! Thank you again for making our engagement pictures super fun and super gorgeous! Absolutely smitten with all of your photography! See you at the wedding :) (6.7.13, 8:27pm)

Michael Pitts: Love these pictures and the way they turned out! Awesome job! (5.26.13, 5:57pm)

Denver Band Photographer: Great post work on these. I love the colors! (4.29.13, 2:30pm)

robbyn evans: Thank you so much for capturing these photos of my precious children! My daughter has been dreaming of her wedding from the time she hit 1st grade! Haha! A true romantic at heart. Your pictures have captured the essence of her personality and I cannot thank you enough. I eagerly anticipate your creative gifts to capture her again on her special day in November. (4.26.13, 10:49pm)

Victoria Kate Evans: These have to be the cutest pictures I have ever seen! They couldn't be any better! I love them all! They are so so so so so so cute! I'm so excited for the wedding! (4.16.13, 9:41pm)

Erin Lambert: These photos are probably my favorite out of any other couple! However, me a bit biased considering she is my best friend and all ;) When she told me about the shoot, I never imagined they would be this PERFECT! Can't wait until November! (4.16.13, 10:59am)

Olivia (bride to be): I cannot sing Scott & Kristen's praises enough. The shoot, our time with Scott (who is super cool/awesome), & the results are more than I could have imagined. I am still in & probably always will be in awe of how truly perfect these images are - they captured my fiancé & I beautifully :) Can't wait to be blown away all over again in November!!!!! AWESOME SPECTACULAR JOB :) (4.16.13, 12:59am)