maria: wow! i don't know which i like better the details of this weeding your the way you've captured them! such awesome photos and processing! fantastic job! (2.16.12, 8:39am)

John Pollack: What an absolutely incredible and beautiful celebration for Chandler, John, and the boys. These pictures capture the mood and the beauty of the people, the place and the love of family and friends on what was a uniquely special day. (12.10.11, 5:39pm)

Stella Stevens: What a beautiful wedding. The details, the setting and the gorgeous couple at the center of it. I was so happy to be asked to be part of it! (12.5.11, 7:21pm)

Kailey-Michelle Events: This reel is unbelievable! You are so incredibly talented, my goodness! Beautiful and wonderfully artistic. (12.5.11, 6:58pm)

Audrey Crandell: Such a beautiful family and such a magical day! Stella and I had a great time making all the ladies even more gorgeous. Chandler was a dream bride and the photos prove it! (12.5.11, 6:29pm)

Amy Arrington: Incredible work! (12.5.11, 3:38pm)

Chris Waddell: Beautiful photos, beautiful couple, and a great reminder of a really fun time. Congratulations. (12.5.11, 11:16am)

hank and ginny bryant: Great...these photos capture the weekend perfectly. It was a wonderful celebration of two very special people. We loved it. (12.5.11, 9:36am)

The bride (again): Damn autocorrect!! That was supposed to say "their TALENT speaks for itself"!!! (12.5.11, 12:36am)

The bride: I can't even begin to express how over-the-top happy we are with our wedding photos. Adam and Scott were so fun to work with. They offer the perfect balance of charm, levity, and professionalism- not to mention their taken speaks for itself! We have gotten so many comments saying these are the mist beautiful wedding photos people have seen. We can't thank you enough!! (12.5.11, 12:33am)

Kirsten Krohn: One of the most stunning weekends ever! Mazel Tov again to a gorgeous family - may you enjoy these photos and each other in marital bliss!!! (12.4.11, 6:54am)

Jonny Young: Totally amazing! (12.3.11, 11:51am)

Linda Lund: The photos of Chandler & John at their wedding are simply amazing. You captured the essence of the evening. So fun! So full of life and love! I can't wait to see the slideshow. (12.3.11, 9:45am)