Brittanee: WOW i sure wish I could have an Italy wedding like that! (11.8.11, 1:08pm)

Betty: Wow! Any way to find out the name of the villa? Amazing photos! (10.22.11, 11:02pm)

celeste: Wow, this was some gorgeous wedding. The photography- awesome, captured the fun, the romance, this couple was beautiful, congratulations, Great job! amazing place to have it! (10.17.11, 9:26pm)

Bessy: Greetings: The photos of Sarah & Benjamin's wedding are spectacular- they convey all the emotion that we felt during the ceremony and the joy of sharing such an important day of their lives. Bessy (10.10.11, 3:49pm)

Carrie: What an exceptional set. I love the shot of the couple walking thru all the people in hats. (10.9.11, 9:59pm)

Elizabeth: These images are breath-takingly beautiful. What a chic and romantic wedding! (10.7.11, 8:53pm)

rychelle: wow. WOW. wow. stunning images. the images of the groom in front of the window and the bride under her veil are my faves! (10.5.11, 3:59pm)

pen: oh my gosh, these pictures are spectacular. SPECTACULAR! Congratulations Sarah & Ben on a beautiful marriage, perfectly captured. (10.5.11, 3:27pm)

James Moes: So so so so so good. What a beautiful wedding. (10.5.11, 3:08pm)

Kara: Wow. What a dream wedding! Gorgeous shots, especially during the ceremony. (10.5.11, 11:38am)

lesley: stop-the-presses beautiful! love the gardens and the black and white with pops of fuschia, the men in the hats, those shoes!! so gorgeous!! great job you guys. (10.5.11, 7:29am)

patricia: whaou ... thank you for being a part of Sarah 'dream wedding, ,you were so kind ,,professionnal but cool ,exactly what we were looking for the event ; a perfect team for a perfect day;can't wait to see more,specially "the family pictures" which we are sure will have your special twist. best Patricia andj Jacques (happy ever after parents of Sarah) (10.5.11, 5:42am)

sarah+ben: So amazing to discover these waking up this morning. C'est magnifique, on adore!!!! We can't wait to see the rest of them. Thank you again so much Scott, Andy and Cristen for making this special day so memorable, (10.5.11, 4:47am)