Oli: oJust found this via Farrah Allan. Holy hell dude, that's an insanely beautiful shoot. (6.19.12, 9:43pm)

Lisa Cunningham: Absolutely exquisite photos. These photos will be treasured for a lifetime! (9.12.11, 4:08pm)

jenny: Where were these photos taken? This is seriously one of the most amazing engagement photo sessions I have seen! (7.29.11, 10:07am)

chloe: breathtaking!! are these taken in the atlanta area? when i get engaged (hopefully soon ;) i definitely know who to call for pictures! (7.6.11, 11:55am)

Anneke: What a lucky couple to have these amazing engagement photos!! Could the light in these be more beautiful??? Love love love. (7.5.11, 6:50pm)

Raúl Díaz: It seems to ME one of the works more spectacular than I have seen lately¬Ö MY more sincere CONGRATULATION¬Ö (7.2.11, 9:03am)

janet: i want to be in these photos that is how much i love them!! also can you inform a girl where she might be able to get those black shoes......great work! (6.29.11, 12:00pm)

Meghan Arias: Lord have mercy do I ever ADORE THESE PICTURES. I rarely comment on engagement portraits but these are wonderful. Well done. (6.27.11, 11:24am)

John Allen Photography: Oh these are simply fantastic! How did you ever manage to find vintage trains and buses!?!? That's just great. I love it! (6.27.11, 10:40am)

JB: Beautiful photographs! The ones in the field with the car remind me a little of Badlands -- maybe because of Shelli's red hair. Can't wait to see the wedding pictures! These are so gorgeous. (6.25.11, 1:23pm)

Dianne Hegler: I just love all of these sooooo much. The whole attention to modes of transportation is awesome and I must say, Shelli you are simply beautiful. Chris, you are rather handsome as well. What a perfect couple. (6.24.11, 8:52pm)

kerry: These are amazing! Looking forward to the wedding photos. (6.24.11, 8:17pm)

matt miller: woohoo! congrats to shelly & chris! these photos are lovely and just about the coolest locations i have ever seen. great job scott! (6.24.11, 6:52pm)

shelli: these sure did make my day! they look brilliant- but i kind of knew they would if scott took them. it was the most fun day too. so hard to choose a favorite..... (6.24.11, 12:55pm)

kmh: this is so good guys. Great locations and posing (6.24.11, 12:52pm)

Susie: What fun! Loved the t-Bird! (6.24.11, 12:28pm)

rychelle: i love the FEEL of this shoot. is it just me or does shelli resemble nicholle kidman?! (6.24.11, 12:23pm)

chris: Very nice! You, Mr. Scott, freaking rock! Thanks for everything. I cannot wait to see the Italy wedding pics. no pressure.... (6.24.11, 10:38am)