nicola: What a beautifull diy-wedding! Love their style, exspecially the mossy dessert tabel. (6.27.11, 7:11am)

Susan: Wow! I love these photos and the wedding style-- so cool and edgy--unique-- yet real and down to earth. The bride and groom's personalities were captured beautifully through the photography, too! (6.26.11, 12:05pm)

Amy Arrington: Your images never disappoint - always unique - always beautiful. (6.20.11, 9:57am)

Jynn: This wedding was beautifully designed! The paper details and colors are exquisite! (6.18.11, 11:11pm)

erin: love, love, love! Thanks for capturing our day so beautifully :) (6.18.11, 9:16pm)

Beth: Love these pictures, Scott! Sounds like all your travels have been amazing! I especially love the the second to last picture with the deep blue sky. (6.17.11, 10:39am)

rychelle: i love all the hand crafted details of this wedding. + stunning bride, stunning groom and stunning images. (6.15.11, 12:11pm)

Kimberly: Love that location! Beautiful all around. (6.15.11, 11:10am)

Lauren @ ELD: Looooooooove!!! (6.15.11, 9:07am)

lesley graham: i know i've said this before, but i think this my be my favorite. those shoes! the mason jars! the colors. so dreamy. you are a rock star. (6.15.11, 8:11am)