Jonathan Cooper: wow.... just freaking wow! (4.22.11, 10:57pm)

Stacie J: The photos on the rubble pile through the doorway??? OMG, LOVE IT! (4.21.11, 4:28pm)

Undfind Photographer: Amazing photos, the wall of flowers makes a very nice backdrop. (4.20.11, 5:09pm)

Ashley Brokop: holy good stuff...makes eyes happy. (4.6.11, 3:45pm)

Nikki Bezel: I've been following your work for some time now and really love it. So happy I discovered you guys. (4.3.11, 11:58pm)

Kristen : I'm such a lucky gal. So in-love with my soon-to-be, and when I marry him, I got a rockstar photographer to capture it all. Scott, we had a BLAST! Thank you! (3.25.11, 6:21pm)

rychelle: a WALL of flowers! i am in love. in love with your images. as always. (3.25.11, 11:19am)

kmh: agree with kate, last 4 rule. Great session guys (3.25.11, 10:29am)

kate: OH MAN those last four are amazing. (3.25.11, 9:45am)