lauren: You guys did SUCH a good job on these! (4.5.11, 4:06pm)

Melissa: These images are amazing! I found you through 100 Layer Cake. (4.3.11, 3:50pm)

Shai: This is the best engagement photography i've seen! I am so in love with your colors!!! I hope i can get you guys for my own in the future... =P (4.2.11, 10:48pm)

Jenna (flutter glass): wow! amazing colors. it's like a dream!!! (4.2.11, 2:12am)

nikki moore photography: Simply gorgeous! Found this through 100 Layer Cake -- what a unique and beautiful shoot. LOVE the first one with them laying in the sand, and the cloud reflection...I was chewing something and stopped short because I"d never seen anything quite like it. WELL DONE! ~nikki (4.1.11, 1:39pm)

Luke Stanton: Your engagement and wedding photography is some of the best I have ever seen. I'm so inspired. keep it up!! (3.22.11, 12:53pm)

Vancouver portrait photographer: Incredible photos. Your processing is GENIUS! (3.21.11, 5:42pm)

Bj: I put those stars up... (3.10.11, 8:18am)

Kelly Stevens: HOW did you get those shots from above!!? So amazing. Love.. love LOVE this shoot. (3.9.11, 6:37pm)

The Perfect Palette: Wow, we love your photography! And we just know that our readers would absolutely love it too! Stop by sometime! Would love to introduce your work to our readers! (3.8.11, 3:38pm)

Meredith: I can't even begin to tell you how in love I am with these photos! Zack's words were "wow" as we were scrolling through them, which I do a couple of times a day! Your talent is truly one of a kind! Thank you so much! (3.8.11, 9:37am)

Laura Leslie: Reminds me of the rainbow. LOVE. (3.5.11, 7:21pm)

Carl : Your images always blow me away! (3.5.11, 12:49pm)

ellie: these are amazing!! the view points make each photo unique and so eye-catching. (3.4.11, 11:47pm)

Betty Chester: Love all the shots Scott, two of our favorite people, can.t wait for Nov. (3.4.11, 9:34pm)

beka: oh my word, AMAZING! love the tones, love the perspective. so nice! (3.4.11, 7:48pm)

lesley graham: insane colors! so pretty. faves: lying on the beach and the two of them on that tree limb. ahhh! happy weekend chesters! (3.4.11, 2:37pm)

kmh: Holy smokes these are some great shots! (3.4.11, 2:22pm)

Diana : These photos are insane!! Josh and I are so excited for May :) (3.4.11, 12:36pm)

Ben: These are amazing, as always!!! Love the tilt-shift effect, it's so cool! (3.4.11, 12:33pm)

stephanie: holy moly! those first few with the reflection of the tree and the amazing colors are sooo wonderful! it seems like you were taking those pics from a plane! (Were you?) (3.4.11, 12:29pm)