susann: i really love the details here. so specially...authentical. and the picture between flowers and table decoration (don't know how to describe it). this is perfekt! the coming people in this semicircle and the others, standing and talking ...i like the graphic here. there's so much to see in it. (10.22.10, 10:39am)

adi: I love everything about this wedding. I pretty much want to live in it! The photography is amazing, as always--I love how the b&w looks a bit solarized. It's gorgeous. The timing and composition of the shots is just phenomenal.. Everyone seems to look their best in every one! Sigh. I'm in love. (10.6.10, 9:17pm)

Sarah Hall: Great color here and I love the feel of this wedding! (10.5.10, 3:04pm)

andy: this is grrreattt like tony the tiger. (10.5.10, 2:28pm)

kate: pretty! he looks like a younger, blonder kiefer sutherland! (10.5.10, 2:02pm)