Brittany: A gelato bar is a GREAT idea. Such a great treat :) (6.12.10, 2:48pm)

Kayla: These are fabulous! (4.28.10, 9:35am)

Sarah Esther: these are so much fun! i love them all! great work, guys! (4.27.10, 11:45am)

Bobby: Great job. (4.26.10, 3:55pm)

Tamara: WoW! These images are absolutely wonderful! I love your use of natural light - you made a normal highway look like a runway! I also like the use of the buildings for the wedding party photos. You all are definitely talented. Congrats to Crystal and Rae! (4.26.10, 1:11pm)

Mattie Robinson: Crys and Rae, these pictures are wonderful, however seeing the event in person was priceless, Crys you were by far the most beautiful bride I have seen in a long time. I have been to 3 wedding in my life not counting my own there are only 2 that are vivid in my mind's eye and that is Dionne's and yours I have not seen a bride yet that is more beautiful that Dionne and Crystal maybe it is because you are sisters and you are both Beautiful inside and out..I love you with all my heart!!! Rae you are soooooooooooo handsome omg... I love your expressions they are priceless and the love you have for Crys shows in the way you look at her in each and everyone of these pictures..Welcome Welcome to the family Rae (4.25.10, 12:38pm)

Rita: So many great pictures -- and the bride's dress was amazing! (4.24.10, 12:31am)

Erika: This wedding is stunning! I loved every image. (4.23.10, 3:16pm)

Myia Guinn: I must say that you all truly did an awesome job in capturing this occassion. I have never seen such an attention to detail and to the couple that you all have portrayed in these photos. Absolutely beautiful!! (4.23.10, 12:03pm)

Courtney: Now that looks like a great party! What an adorable couple and what really amazing photos once again. (4.22.10, 4:56pm)

crystal : speech.less. was speechless when i saw the pics this morning + am still at a loss for words. scott + adam + andy, we CANNOT thank you enough for capturing our wedding day the way that you did. we are truly blessed to be able to relive that joyous day through these photos {and the smilebooth}! scott + cristen: working with the two of you has truly been one of the highlights of our wedding planning experience. by the way, we've moved our other memory books over + now have the PERFECT place for our wedding album, hehehe :) (4.22.10, 4:36pm)

Howard JayTee Williams: I'm loving the wedding photos...You and Rae are beautiful couple....The wedding was one to remember! Love ya! (4.22.10, 4:16pm)

lydia {ever ours}: love the one right when she enters for the ceremony! and those dancing ones are super rad too! amazing job! (4.22.10, 11:05am)

rychelle: a gorgeous couple + creamy, dreamy images = WIN! (4.22.10, 10:13am)

carrie: i LOVE these! so many great shots. what a beautiful couple and a gorgeous wedding. (4.22.10, 9:13am)

kyle hale: really went big on this one, guys! I love the shot of her in the field walking to the interstate. (4.22.10, 8:19am)