zoom yummy: Wonderful photos. I love the tint and the creative ideas. Amazing! Cheers! Petra (4.19.10, 3:59pm)

Bobby: Fabulous!!!!! You have great talent:] (4.10.10, 10:19am)

Kip B.: That cinder block wall mosaic is amazing. I love the last frame and the shadow kissing shot with their feet in the foreground. Thanks for sharing! (4.9.10, 1:02pm)

Liz: I love them! This was such a fun shoot! Can't wait for the next one! (4.9.10, 11:57am)

kate kiefer lee: beautiful pictures! love the bride's outfit and the banner : ) (4.9.10, 11:54am)

rychelle: magic! magic! magic! the "feel" of this shoot is magical! that tree shadow shot, are you kidding me?! i LOVE it (4.9.10, 11:13am)

Sarah: Love is all you need.... I love it!!! (4.9.10, 11:06am)