Shirley: Wow just Wow! Amazballs! (8.3.14, 3:13pm)

Jewel: Andy & Kate...Congrats!!! I was blown away with the photos...they was easy on the eyes and relaxing to watch. Kate, your wedding dress was simply elegant, classy, and you wore it well. Being a happily married woman of many years; as a gift to you and Andy, I want to encourage you to apply the counsel at Ec 4:12 "Threefold Cord" and Eph 5:33 "Love and Respect" ...It truly works!!! (6.20.12, 6:17pm)

Anne: Beautiful photos! (1.27.10, 12:11pm)

Claire Ward: Hi- these pictures are incredible! Just wondering where i can order those balloons from? I have tried looking all over the net Cheers XXX (1.11.10, 5:28am)

Nancy: Your photos are super great! We share a very similar view on things. I love it! Just added you to my blogroll. Best regards from Germany :) (1.10.10, 9:13am)

Stephanie : Love these! What a cute wedding. (1.9.10, 5:48pm)

AmyPunky Photography (Emilie): I looooooooove this wedding!!! (12.17.09, 5:33pm)

Beth: so much fun in these images ... wish I was there! (12.17.09, 2:41pm)

lauren c. - openField.: LOVE all of these images!!!!!! such fun details and such a CUTE couple!! : ) (12.6.09, 1:29pm)

Mark Ridout: excellent work....I really like your post work and use of open space. The shot of the guys walking across the roof is awesome! (12.5.09, 8:44pm)

Ruthy: My 2 favorite are the shots on the rooftop (Genius!) and the rings. Perfect lighting. Great work. (12.4.09, 1:02pm)

amy kiefer: Priceless images of an incredible couple and an amazing day. Can't wait to see more! (12.1.09, 8:59pm)

Tara K.: Just . . . wow! (12.1.09, 8:02pm)

rychelle: that rooftop picture is so good it gave me vertigo! what a stunning couple. (12.1.09, 5:38pm)

Miah Klein: Really! This is the best wedding post I've seen in a long time. You're an artist but of course you already knew that. (12.1.09, 11:59am)

rachel: seriously BEAUTIFUL captures of the lee's perfect wedding! special thanks for my awkward-aquatic-bridesmaid shot! (11.30.09, 9:42pm)

Jen@GreenWeddingShoes: wow! what a fun, creative wedding. Love how creative the photos are - so many great ones - amazing. (11.30.09, 8:27pm)

max wanger: these are wonderful. the 9th picture down, just the feet -- wow. great job, guys. (11.30.09, 6:07pm)

andrew lee: thank you. thank you. thank you. can not express how awesome these are and how thankful we are for you guys. thanks adam, scott and cristen. (11.30.09, 5:35pm)

kate kiefer lee: ps-how cute is my new husband?! (11.30.09, 5:31pm)

kate kiefer lee: we're too lucky-what beautiful memories of our special day. thanks scott, cristen and adam for the best birthday gift!! (11.30.09, 5:27pm)

matt miller: holy freakin crap.these photo rule and i cant stop smiling. good on ya scott and congrats andy & kate!!!! (11.30.09, 5:25pm)

Steve LaBate: These are easily the best wedding photos I have ever seen! Amazing! (11.30.09, 5:17pm)

Nathan B: Seriously the most fun we've ever had at a wedding... These photos are insane and totally amazing. (11.30.09, 5:11pm)

Ryan Burleson: Wow. Scott and Adam outdid themselves with this shoot. Kate and Andy are such natural subjects, too. Oh, and do I see Cristen dancing?! Such a fun night. I was blessed to be there. (11.30.09, 4:49pm)