Leslie: these photos were so much fun to look through! (10.19.09, 8:37pm)

Lauren Lake: Um Scott- that looks like it might have hurt! Very impressive, very deserving of chocolate coffee cake. Not hinting here but maybe a little bribe so I get to see you all in less than 2 weeks. (10.6.09, 10:23am)

Dina: what great pictures these are! I love the spontaneity in them! (10.4.09, 5:18pm)

Emily @ Southern Weddings: Alright, y'all's kids are too cute. Seriously. And the adults aren't too shabby, either! Can you come with me on my next vacation and photograph the fun things we'll do? (9.30.09, 9:51pm)

amber: oh man, it's so wonderful to see my chester girls. next time, please come take me with you. these are so beautiful. (9.29.09, 11:31am)

carrie: love them all! very gorgeous! (9.26.09, 1:49pm)

Don Riggdon: Purty.Purty.Purty, Y'all are Awsome!! (9.24.09, 7:48pm)

jesse chamberlin: ok. i am ready to go back. how about you guys? all of these photos made me so happy. thanks for lugging all of your cameras around scott even in the sand...so grateful to have these! (9.24.09, 2:33pm)

rychelle: what a dreamy vay-cay! ava is quite skilled behind the lens. must be in the genes :) (9.24.09, 10:37am)

andrew lee: the 2nd to last shot of lucy walking on the beach is so awesome. (9.24.09, 8:55am)

Sandra Yu: Ah, that blue sky and birds are breathtaking! The venue is awesome and I love how you guys captured the fun in everything :) (9.24.09, 8:31am)