MiaKind: looks like a wonderful happy day. great spirit, great light. greetings from germany. :-) (5.18.13, 10:42am)

J.Gabriel: Just Beautiful!!! Absolutely amazing... (10.6.09, 8:37am)

Lisa: what a fun birthday party and great "in the moment" pictures! (10.4.09, 5:21pm)

Barbara Harmon: Thank You so much for sharing your Birthday & the wonderful, beautiful memories it will make. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (9.30.09, 9:33am)

Escape Artist: These are really great! I love how they are in chornological order, what a cool way to turn 60 and it's captured beautifully. (9.24.09, 3:38pm)

renee benot: I love your photos ,thank you for sharing! (9.24.09, 3:22pm)

Szilto: Am I dreaming? This is amazing! WOW! (9.24.09, 4:34am)

gaia: Amazing pictures. I love the colors the most! (9.21.09, 5:38pm)

Eliana Tomas: uau... fantastic photographs... beautiful stunning! beautiful again... congrats to everyone! (9.20.09, 1:08pm)

Dee: these are fantastic... (9.19.09, 8:45am)

peachey: what a perfect surprise. your photos have my jaw on the floor. (9.18.09, 8:06pm)

lauren Lake: Beautiful Family=Beautiful images (with a sprinkle of W.Scott Cheter). Scott, will you take picture's at my 60th? Pretty please? (9.13.09, 8:13pm)

Holly Jones: These pictures are AMAZING. I don't know the person that took them, but I am in awe! I love the one with Nana running on the beach with the kids and the ones of the kids in the water with clothes on. One talented photographer! (9.12.09, 1:32pm)

micki: i love the ones of the kiddos playing in the water. that li'l girl is becoming quite the wsc poster (err...blog) child! (9.12.09, 9:27am)

Anne and Wes: It's official - we're building a new wall in the house to put just our favorites up. Thanks for being such a big part of making Nana's birthday special! (9.11.09, 6:39pm)