Gary Steffins: These turned out great, Adam's camera had pixy dust sprinkled on it. A lot of fun doing the shoot too! (8.8.09, 11:40am)

Laura: Great job Adam, these pics are amazing! Jen & Gary – you guys look so beautiful and so happy. I love the ones of you dancing and skipping around – so sweet!! (8.6.09, 12:51pm)

Kayla: I love these! So many awesome ones in this set! (8.6.09, 9:23am)

crystal: AWESOME pics, adam! (7.31.09, 8:41pm)

Jen turpin: All of the pics turned out great!! It was so fun fun working with Adam-- we went so many places and had such a great time-- it's going to be hard selecting which photos to use for our book! Thanks, Adam! we look forward to seeing what magic you capture on Sept. 12th! :) (7.30.09, 9:21am)

andrew lee: nice job, adam! loving the marta/train/outside tree/field/city shots. so yeah, the whole thing. looking forward to seeing more. (7.30.09, 8:28am)

ken kienow: this one: was made with the hammer of win on the anvil of awesome, and forged with the fires of rad. fact. (7.30.09, 1:49am)