Chantra Reidenbaugh: The girls are so cute! Tu tu's last year now wigs...I love it! (6.12.09, 11:25am)

Lauren K: *sigh* your girls are getting so big and love their personalities. awesome stuff guys. ;D (6.9.09, 6:36pm)

carrie: oh man those are great. love them all! (6.9.09, 5:41pm)

betty chester: these photos are, as Lucy puts it, FABULOUS!!! (6.9.09, 3:58pm)

Allison Willis: Wonderful Wonderful pictures! They are just too cute for words!!! (6.9.09, 10:18am)

regina holder: LOVE it! one of the funniest things i've seen in a long time. what a great idea! (6.9.09, 8:36am)