Bret Walker: GOOD MUSIC is inspires me to be free, creative, outgoing, courageous, loving, venturesome, vivacious, chipper, impassioned.... the list goes on and on. GOOD MUSIC can pull you through anything. That inspires me to put my all into everything because GOOD MUSIC can help me pull through. (5.20.09, 10:04am)

jesse chamberlin: good music helps me surf the world wide web! long live paste! (5.19.09, 12:48pm)

Beth: paste brings such great music to audiences who may never have the opportunity to listen or hear about these fantastic artists... they effect our lives by providing music to listen to that not only is inspiring melodically but inspiring lyrically... (5.19.09, 11:19am)

thelittlefluffycat: I discovered Paste by accident, and the level of writing and thought, plus the consistently positive vibe of it, just made me smile. I write, and so often what takes me over a bad spot is music. Paste helps me remember that music is an ongoing thing, a river, that we can navigate or just ride when we need to see new scenery and do new things. I trust Paste -- and I love the new places the music II've found there has taken me. Long may Paste wave! (5.19.09, 11:12am)

Lisa: I totally love Paste and this is fantastic that you're getting the word out that they could use some support! Good music can transform my mood instantaneously, make me nostalgic and inspire me to always keep dreaming! (5.18.09, 5:43pm)

Sarah: Thanks for letting us know about such a great music site! GOOD MUSIC for me is as important as oxygen, my life could not survive without it. (5.18.09, 1:01pm)