Tara McMullen: Each and every one of these images is incredible. I am inspired and awed. Wow. Wow. (5.29.09, 2:07pm)

Kate K.: the pictures are beautiful and classic! looks like a fun wedding! (5.29.09, 9:25am)

danielle: these are amazing! LOVE the one in the doorway with the rain coming down :) (5.27.09, 2:54pm)

Kayla: These are FABULOUS! Love your work! (5.26.09, 9:45am)

andrew lee: scott, absolutely great. one of my favorites you've ever done. (5.25.09, 9:22pm)

nicole riley: beautiful wedding! i have the pleasure of working with ragan and tara with the colorful palate....they are truly wonderful, and so are these pics! (5.25.09, 4:58pm)

rychelle: the details of this wedding are STUNNING! and you captured them so well. i think that ring shot just blew my mind. seriously. (5.22.09, 10:48pm)

Joy Holden : This is my fourth visit today and I have to say... I LOVE all of these! I'm sure I'll stop back by tomorrow and the next day and the next day.... Thanks! (5.22.09, 8:13pm)

crystal: OMG!!! these pics are AWESOME!!! what a beauuuuutiful wedding!!! (5.22.09, 4:58pm)

Maida Evans: Wow. I am speechless!! I knew the evening was enchanted, but these pictures make it look even more beautiful! Thank you for what will be a wonderful reminder of a blessed occasion. (5.22.09, 4:23pm)

Lauren K: Holy Smokes Scott and Cristen. You guys seriously never cease to amaze me. Seriously. :) (5.22.09, 4:17pm)

jennie ridley: i have no words...these are simply amazing. scott & adam, you've really outdone yourselves this time...just incredible! we can't wait to see them all and thank you both (and you too cristen, for all your behind the scenes work!) for making our wedding day so much fun! (5.22.09, 3:31pm)

Sara: I have enjoyed all the engagement sessions and now I am excited to see all the weddings! Your work is amazing! This wedding is especially lovely! (5.22.09, 1:37pm)

Yuka photo art: That photograph with a rings.....wow! Beautiful work! (5.22.09, 1:33pm)

Alec Ridley: Killer! (5.22.09, 1:22pm)

Brett: Amazing work guys! I dig them all, really enjoyed the lighting. (5.22.09, 1:07pm)