Heidi Geldhauser: Does anyone else have Good Vibrations by Marky Mark stuck in their head too???? (2.18.09, 8:14pm)

Abigail Todd: These are great. I wish I had a photographer daddy when I was in my barbie stage... great work. (2.8.09, 11:08am)

Lucia: LOL, I saw them celebrating their engagement as guests at another wedding not that long ago ;) http://tinyurl.com/dcr3ef (2.5.09, 7:26pm)

Rachael Earl: Not too many people (men especially) can pull of that head to toe satin look... (2.3.09, 2:58pm)

Mama Betty: i hope I will be invited to this FABU iLOUS WEDDING after all I gave the groom away! I think Joyce Hartmann will need to be brought in from Tampa to direct this BIG WEDDING. GOOD JOB AVA!!!!!!! (1.31.09, 9:33pm)

lauren: This is the BEST thing I have ever seen on a wedding blog. period!!! You guys are beyond cool! Leave it to your totally cute daughter with her rockstar pink glasses to coordinate a wedding of this magnitude! I can't wait to see another post---hopefully the wedding. (1.31.09, 8:13pm)

Olivia Grace: I love this one! Ken is totally a rockstar groom! Absolutely fabulous! (1.30.09, 7:30pm)

Laura E @ Southern Weddings: Oh my gosh! What a funny post. I was such a Barbie a holic when I was a little girl. I am sending this link to my sister. (1.30.09, 12:14pm)

Marcus Payne: This is really fun and above all I love your lighting. Keep up the great work! (1.30.09, 11:26am)

Max Steel: BRO! Congrats Homeboy! You look great. Barbie is smokin' dogg. Got us all jealous for sure. See you at the bachelor party Holmes! (1.30.09, 10:24am)

Lindsay Bishop: Ken looks so dapper! Can't wait to see the pictures of the nuptials! (1.30.09, 9:29am)

allison: This is MARVELOUS!!! Thanks for making my day! (1.30.09, 9:09am)

Brittany: THIS IS AWESOME!!! I am still laughing. Is it bad that I'm suddenly attracted to Ken like I never thought I would be?? (1.30.09, 7:56am)