Courtney: Those arrow shots are so cool! Is that in Decatur somewhere? I've never seen it... (1.15.09, 10:40pm)

Elizabeth Gilmer: I am the mother of the groom to be. These pictures have just re-affirmed to me how much Jim and Allison belong together. You captured the love in their faces. The backgrounds and settings were perfect but the emotion was overwhelming. Maybe it's just a "mom" thing but thank you for making it so real!! (1.15.09, 9:28pm)

Yuka photo art: They are so sweet! Beautiful images! (1.14.09, 3:19pm)

Allison Keller: We had the best time with Scott! His ability to create such wonderful shots was amazing. Our family and friends are just estatic about our e-session. I can't wait to hear what everyone says about our wedding pictures! Yay!!!! May 16 here we come!!! (1.14.09, 10:43am)

jesse chamberlin: love the arrows! that scott chester...he is a clever one! (1.14.09, 9:38am)