cousin greta: I LOVE THESE PHOTOS! SUCH BEAUTY!! (12.15.08, 8:22pm)

wWhitneyKentChamberlin: First off I am so blessed to have the most beautiful wife and handsome son WOW this is my family we need to make more kids. ┬ůMr. Scott Chester and Cristen thank you so much for the photos I am speechless Time to make some prints for the wall (12.12.08, 4:43pm)

Meredith Season: So beautiful! I absolutely love the swing one! I can't wait for Scott to take pics of our family one day. First the wedding though ;) (12.6.08, 4:57pm)

Broderick: Your shots of the Chamberlins are amazing and I look forward to checking out the other photos on your site! --B. (12.6.08, 1:10pm)

Will Chamberlin: Thanks for such great shots of my daughter Jesse, son-in-law Whit and grandson Gracyn.They are beautiful, and you captured their essence. (12.5.08, 1:53pm)

Oana Hogrefe: Wonderful, joyful and so fresh! (12.5.08, 12:43pm)

ali&evan: I remember seeing your shoot on Whitney and Jesse's blog and thinking to myself, "What a beautiful family." And now you have returned the favor to them as I sit in awe of your ability to capture their family. What a fantastic exchange of gifts. Absolutely Lovely. (12.5.08, 11:44am)

Chupee: Great pics of the BEST looking family!!!!!!!! Gracyn, I feel I have known your beautiful face all my life. I am sooo happy the chesters and the chamberlins have connected . Enjoy every moment............I love you!!!!!! (12.5.08, 11:11am)

Natalie: What a phenomenal set of images! Hands down, by far the best family session I have ever seen! Your work is beyond inspirational to me at this point. Unbelievable! I'm glad the Chamberlins are blown away because I sure am : ) Thanks for sharing! (12.5.08, 9:33am)

gracyn chamberlin: scott you are the coolest... that's why i try to dress like you! xo (12.5.08, 9:14am)

jesse chamberlin: IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII AM BBBBBBBLLLLLLLLOOOOOOWWWWNNNN AWAY! i will cherish these photos forever. this is the best gift anyone could ever give! seriously!once again scott i am blown away by what your eyes see. thank you. thank you thank you. xoxox (12.5.08, 9:00am)

shelli: awwwwwwwwww (12.5.08, 8:50am)

Courtney: These are the cutest photos! You make snapping adorable shots of 2 year olds look easy (though I'm sure it's probably harder than advanced nuclear physics)! :) (12.4.08, 11:47pm)

katealtmix: one day i hope to have a family HALF as adorable as these guys- love the images! (12.4.08, 10:53pm)

rychelle: this is such a lovely session. you all must be thrilled with the results. (12.4.08, 10:37pm)