Aunt Jacque: How beautiful! Can't wait to see you in Atlanta! I love them all! and you! (9.30.08, 12:49pm)

Anna Rivera: How magnificent!! Laura, you look great!! Congrats!!! I wish I could be there Love you Anna (9.30.08, 6:50am)

Laura: Oh my goodness, I never thought that we could have so much fun in front of a camera! These pictures are amazing! WE really love the ones on the football field as it took major effort on Scott's part to get us out there! We can't wait untill the wedding! (9.27.08, 8:07am)

ELLE: Great photos! They look... oh so in love! (9.26.08, 11:06am)

Natalie: These images are so fun and I really like the football field series! The bride has the best shade of red for her hair! Looking forward to seeing their wedding photos, (9.25.08, 8:47pm)