vicki g. alberts: wonderful array of photo shots and everyone looks beautiful and happy!!!! you captured the joy we all experienced. lovely bride :-) (7.31.08, 12:26am)

Laura E @ Southern Weddings: The flowers are amazing in this wedding. But the best photos come from the bride and groom interacting. Lovely! Great job capturing this wonderful wedding! (7.28.08, 10:16am)

Shana: As I look at all of the photos, all of the moments from the wedding are coming back to me. There are so many things I couldn't take in while everything was happening, and the photos are just letting me re-live those moments! I am so glad that you were there to capture these moments so beautifully. Thank you thank you thank you! (7.26.08, 9:06pm)

jesse Chamberlin: BtotheEtotheAtotheUtotheTtotheItotheFtotheUtotheL. (7.26.08, 10:06am)

Hanina: Unbelievable. You are a GREAT photographer! (7.25.08, 12:10pm)

Rychelle: You really captured the beautiful emotion of this wedding! The history lesson enhanced the photos and story as well. Thanks for sharing! (7.25.08, 10:17am)

Lara: Amazing. The bridal shots are breathtaking. What a wonderfully layered wedding. I love the cultural aspects here. Beautiful work! (7.24.08, 9:03pm)

Roy Eisenstadt: Scott. Amazing job. I was there. Most of these are not posed. Your ability to capture the moment is magical. HOW DO U DO THAT? (7.24.08, 8:01pm)